Welcome to Our Practice

Southdale Periodontics is a periodontal specialty clinic with practice limited to comprehensive Periodontics and Dental Implant surgery for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Our focus is on establishing complete oral health for patients through multiple rehabilitation techniques. We value the doctor to patient relationship and desire to bring sound research based therapy into clinical practice. In our opinion, it is a privilege to work with people to help improve their quality of life, which is why we set a high standard fir treatment provided.  A “Periodontist” undergoes intensive surgical and non-surgical residency training after obtaining a dental degree (DDS). The doctors each have an additional 3 years of stringent surgical and didactic training to obtain a Certificate of Periodontology. This allows us to focus and perfect our therapies, rather than try to be a master of all other aspects of dentistry. The doctors are well qualifies and knowledgeable in treating, stabilizing and maintaining oral health around teeth and dental implants for their patients. Our treatment modalities are based on recommendations from the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) and what is known from sound research.

Southdale Periodontics doctors have combined clinical experience in periodontal, bone reconstruction and implant surgery. Thousands of successful Dental Implants have been placed by the surgeons to help restore function and oral esthetics. Dr. Dylla and Klava are proud to offer dental implant treatment at a success rate above the national 95% average success rate. We are committed to a high standard of comprehensive and dental care for all patients that is supported by current scientific research. Digital dental x-rays are utilized by Southdale Periodontics to decrease radiation exposure, while providing accuracy. In order to stay proficient and maintain a high quality of care, we direct the exclusive Southside Comprehensive Seattle Study Club for fellow dentists in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area for continuing dental education. This improves dental practitioner collaboration on complex dental treatment.