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COVID -19 notification for your upcoming appointment: You will see some new processes when you arrive at our office...

  • All visitors will be asked to mask on arrival, if you don't have a mask one can be provided
  • All visitors will be asked screening questions and their temperature will be taken on entry ot the office
  • All visitors will be asked to complete hand sanitization with available hand sanitizer on entry and following their appointment
  • Appointments will be managed to accomodate social distancing, and patients will be asked to social distance in the office
  • Patients are asked to not bring others into the dental practice unless they are parents of minors, or are legal guardians
  • The reception area will be kept free of any reading materials, and the beverage center will not be utilized
  • Some appointments may be completed using telehealth visits when appropriate
  • Appointment times may be limited due to attempts to maintain social distancing and allow for reducing clinic volume
  • Patients are able to call the front desk from their vehicle on arrival and wait in their vehicle for notification to enter the office

Southdale Periodontics is a periodontal specialty clinic with practice limited to comprehensive Periodontics and Dental Implant surgery for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Our philosophy is to provide you with the highest quality of comprehensive periodontal and dental implant care in a personal, open and respectful manner. We believe this experience will help to improve your quality of life and well-being.

Our team strives to create and maintain open lines of communication with you and your referring doctor. This will help form a great dental team to lead your care. For some this can be a departure from the traditional dentist to patient relationship. Instead of telling you how healthy you ought to be, we will help you understand your dental choices and allow you make a free and informed decision. This experience will begin with your first periodontal examination appointment and treatment planning.

A “Periodontist” is a key member of your dental healthcare team when dealing with supporting structures of your teeth and implants. The doctors have completed graduate specialty training in Periodontology and Implant Therapy. This training is a three year residency after the initial completion of a Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. Periodontists’ treat and assist in the care of gum disease, bone loss, gum recession, tooth pain, tooth loss, replacement of teeth with dental implants and the growth of bone around roots or implants. Dr. Klava and Dr. Kingsley are both Board Certified by the Board of Periodontology and Implant Surgery.

Southdale Periodontics doctors have combined clinical experience in periodontal, bone reconstruction and implant surgery. Thousands of successful Dental Implants have been placed by the surgeons to help restore function and oral esthetics. Dr. Klava and Kingsley are proud to offer dental implant treatment at a success rate above the national 95% average success rate.

We are committed to a high standard of comprehensive and dental care for all patients that is supported by current scientific research. Digital dental x-rays are utilized by Southdale Periodontics to decrease radiation exposure, while providing accuracy. In order to stay proficient and maintain a high quality of care, we direct the exclusive Southside Comprehensive Seattle Study Club for fellow dentists in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area for continuing dental education. This improves dental practitioner collaboration on complex dental treatment.